About Head Injury

Goshi Journey with 4 years duration of Head Injury

After eight hours of intensive therapy Gerard’s overall muscle tone in his UL, LL and trunk muscles have reduced when compared to earlier assessment. It is graded 3 minus as per ash worth scale; He has also having improvement in his neck control, right upper limb movement.

Gered standing has improved with the help of bungee ropes. He used to take lot of support and he will be stressed very soon in the beginning. He used to take maximum manual support, now he needs very minimal support externally and his standing endurance has improved from 5 minutes to 20 to 30 minutes.

Even though his standing is very passive, encouragement of standing expected to improve his propioceptive and sterogonosis sensation in his joints and also help in toning his antigravity muscles of his back and leg muscles.

Gered has showed significant improvement in his muscle power in his left upper limb and both lower limbs. Still he is encouraged actively to contract his knee extensors in high sitting position by asking him to kick swiss ball. He also encouraged sitting in high sitting position to improve sitting balance and muscle strength of abdomens and trunk muscles.

He also improved in his mat activities like rolling, quadruped standing, bridging to incite muscle contraction of his back extensors and pelvic floor muscles.

It is very important to mention, Gered improvement is very slow due to his brain injury and lack of rehabilitation services 4 years back.

Gered is expected to show improvement in his sitting balance and standing balance in next few months with the help Motor Relearning and cortical retraining. His rehabilitation includes Propioceptive retraining, Mobility exercises, strength training to limbs, Balance and vestibular training in sitting and standing position adopted.

Gered can now sit and stand by taking minimal support. Which is achived after 44 sessions of intesive therapy.

“Gered’s Mum and Family are very positive of Dr. Goshi and Ramya rehabilitation and treatment approach. His mother say’s Goshi is very friendly in nature and his knowledge towards treatment is really impressive. I recommend Goshi for his rehabilitation and therapy services”