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About Us

Craniaa Neuro Rehabilitation Centre for children and adults is the only centre in Ireland providing intensive specialized treatment for patients with Brain and Spinal Cord disorders. We provide Rehabilitation with Physiotherapy for a wide variety of Common, Chronic and Complex Conditions either newly diagnosed or for disabilities patients have been managing for many years.

The principles of Brain Training and neuro-plasticity are the cornerstones of our therapy. Brain tissue can re-grow and our body can relearn lost skills and regain function. Our mantra and highly successful technique “Talk to your brain and your brain will talk back” has produced remarkable results in brain injured patient’s ability to regain functional skills. With appropriate therapy your Brain’s potential for relearning is enormous, it is a never-ending process and the possibility for improvement is beyond comprehension. At Craniaa we work with our patients setting physical and personal goals to enable each individual to reach their highest potential, physically, functionally and mentally.

Craniaa is unique in Ireland because we can offer our patients 1hr to 3hr intensive treatment sessions once a week or daily for several weeks.

We work with you.

Neuro-Rehabilitation is a gradual process which is invaluable to our patients.Craniaa is unique because we can offer intensive treatment, in sessions lasting from 1 to 3 hours at a time.

The principles of cortical re-training and neuro plasticity are the corner stones of our therapy.

Brain tissue can regrow and our body can re-learn lost skills and regain function. Goshi’s highly successful technique ‘talk to your brain and your brain will talk back’ has produced remarkable results in brain injured patients regaining functional skills.

Improving movement and posture reduces the risks associated with muscular tightness, contractures, joint stiffness, and pressure sores. Bladder,bowel and chest function are improved which reduces infection rates. Increased mobility and function improves a patient’s physical, physiological and social abilities, leading to positive changes in emotional well being.

At Craniaa we push our clients to the limits of their ability and think outside the box. We promote a medication free environment and focus on treating the individual based on their goals and not the assumed limitations imposed by their diagnosis.

Every client’s program is completely customized based on their condition, disorders and ambitions; we always look at the abilities of the child or adult to actively work towards ultimate goals.

Craniaa Team

We offer extensive neurological Rehabilitation/physiotherapy for children and adults and Neuro musculoskeletal

Neuro-Rehab Specialist

Gopalan Sivakumar (Dr Goshi)

Cardio Pulmonary/Neuro Musculoskeletal Specialist

Ramya Sivakumar

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