Whether it’s a breathtaking stab of pain, a nagging ache or a burning throb, back pain is one of the most common health problems among adults.

Although most back problems are minor, they can be a painful, chronic condition for some, disrupting daily life and activities. The good news is Physiotherapy effectively treats back pain and appropriate exercise and management can prevent it recurring.

Back pain is often caused by repeated stress on the back, rather than the result of a single incident.

Common causes of this stress are excessive forward bending or heavy lifting. Sitting or standing in one position for too long; impact or twisting sports and poor postures.

STRAINS AND SPRAINS                                                      Muscle, joint and ligament strains occur when you BEND too far or TOO OFTEN. Also when you lift heavy loads or twist suddenly. Usually, these things happen every day, but don’t cause pain or inflammation. Problems occur when these mini-traumas heal. Scar tissue, which is weaker and less flexible than muscles and ligaments forms reducing movement and strength.


Also called a ruptured or prolapsed disc. This painful disorder occurs when a portion of the disc (nucleus pulposus) protrudes into the spinal canal after a tear in the disc. Tears are caused by degeneration, wear and tear or trauma.


Severe force in a car accident or in a fall can dislocate or fracture vertebrae or tear ligaments, causing pain and swelling.


If your pain is preventing you from functioning normally or stopping you from participating in your sports or hobbies ; see your Physiotherapist. They will access you condition and advise you. You may need an x-ray or scan but pain relief without drugs can begin immediately.

At Craniaa we use Interferential and Ultrasound therapy to reduce pain and inflammation, decrease adhesions and boost healing. We use heat and cold therapy to relax muscles and treat inflammation. We use hands on mobilisation therapy to help the vertebra move normally. We teach you exercises to increase the strength and natural flexibility in your back. We give you advice to avoid future problems.


  1. Change activities and position frequently. Do not sit, lie or walk for too long especially if your experiencing discomfort.
  2. Sit on a chair with a firm seat and a supportive back. Place a lumbar roll into the lower curve of your back. E.g. a firmly rolled up towel.
  3. Avoid stretching your legs when driving. Use a lumbar roll as above.
  4. When the pain is acute, avoid lifting or pulling heavy loads.
  5. Remember to use your knees to lift not your back. Bend your knees to lift not your waist.
  6. Keep heavy objects close to your body and don’t twist.
  7. Avoid lifting over your head.
  8. Instead of pulling a heavy object, PUSH IT.



Exercise will keep your back healthy, but choose carefully. Beware of twisting and bending especially with weights. Beware of impact and sudden acceleration. Before beginning any exercise program, consult your physio or GP. Pilates and Yoga can be beneficial. Always let your instructor know about your back issues.

PHYSIOTHERAPY PAIN RELIEF  For Treatment and Advice Call:

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Back Pain? Do not wait, you can be treated immediately:

7 steps to a healthier back:

Physiotherapy treatments we use to relieve acute or chronic back pain:

First we help relieve your pain with the most relaxing and comforting treatments.

  1. Interferential Therapy 2. Ultrasound 3. Heat or Cold therapy.

Then we help prevent it coming back using:

  1. Mobilisation. 5. Stretching. 6. Strengthening.
  2. Advice and Home Exercise Programmes

Our Physiotherapists are registered with the Health & Care Professions Council

(hcpc) and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP).

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