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Craniaa is the only HCPC, Chartered Physiotherapy Clinics in Ireland which provides neurological rehabilitation for Genetic Disorders, Brain injuries and Spinal injuries for both children and adults.

Craniaa physiotherapy centre provides expert treatment procedures for acute and chronic pain such as neck pain, back pain, osteoarthritis, sports injuries and sprains and strains.

Craniaa treats infants from one month old and older people up to any age.

Craniaa is unique in Ireland as we provide Spider cage therapy, UEU or Universal exercise unit therapy, Cortical retraining, specially devised strengthening exercises, FES functional electrical stimulation, fast oscillating technique and spinal stimulation techniques.

Ireland’s only Intensive Neuro-Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Clinic for Paediatric Genetic conditions and Paediatric and Adult Neurological conditions


Physiotherapy gets you back to doing the things you have to do and the things you love to do.

By delivering a unique, accessible, treatment service, using our specialist equipment, extensive experience and proven therapy skills, our vision is to be a leader in the field of Rehab Medicine and Physiotherapy.

Spider Cage Therapy

Craniaa’s use of “Spider Cage Therapy”, Suit therapy and “Universal Exercise Unit” (UEU) for children with Genetic Neurological conditions and for treating other Neurological conditions has been widely documented and praised.

This unique UEU system is used for training Posture, Balance, Gait, Specific Muscle groups for Maximum Strengthening. Stretching, Core Strength and Bungee Supported Standing, Walking and Jumping.

Our Services

Paediatric/Genetic Neurological Conditions

Adult Neurological

Chronic Neuro-Musculoskeletal


Undergoing Knee Mobilisation Strength Training

Advanced Technological Neuro Rehabilitation

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Here at Craniaa, we offer extensive evidence-based rehabilitation procedures to all our patients. We are very proud of our achievements over these years. 

Indirectly, we try to relieve the waiting-list burden of the NHS. This is because most of our patients who have undergone treatments from Craniaa are rehabilitated to an extent where they and their families are able to lead a life where they can manage their day-to-day personal and social lifestyle.


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