Gopalan S Kumar

Gopalan S Kumar

Gopalan S Kumar is a qualified Neurological Rehabilitaion Specialist with the Health Professional Council (HCPC). Gopalan S Kumar is a member of the Charted Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and a member of the National Association of Rehabilitation (USA).

Gopalan S Kumar specialised in Neuro rehabilitation in India at The Dr. M.G.R Medical University, and completed his Masters in Neuroscience and Neuro-Rehabilitation at Sheffield Hallam University in 2007.

In the past Gopalan S Kumar was employed by the First Step Therapy Centre in Newry, as a Senior Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist. Gopalan S Kumar has also been working for Integrated Services for children and Young People, in the Upper Spring Field Area of Belfast, since January 2010 on a long term programme. Gopalan S Kumar also conducts seminars in Muscle Energy Techniques M I, M II, M III, and M IIII and in Stroke Rehabilitation.

Gopalan S Kumar is well known for his teaching, he believes in taking an informative approach to clinical practice. Gopalan S Kumar is able to explain complex areas of clinical practice in a simple and understandable way. His classes are very lively and are tailored to the needs of individual professionals. Gopalan S Kumar ensures that every person takes away something vital for their own practice.

Gopalan S Kumar main area of specialisation is the treatment and rehabilitation of children from the age of 10weeks upwards. We treat children who are suffering from Genetic Disorders, Brain Injuries, Behavioural Disorder such as ADHD, children suffering from Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Retts Syndrome, Cerebellar Dystrophy,  Taysacks, and other rare Metabolic  Disorders.

Gopalan S Kumar has extensive experience in the Diagnosis and Treatment of conditions related to Spinal problems such as Low Back Ache related to Disc Prolapse, Sciatica, Cervial Spondylosis, Cervical Dystonia and Neurological conditions such as Stroke (CVA), Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Cerebellar Ataxia, tabes Dorsalis, Transverse Myllities Myopathies, Myasthenia Gravies and Migraine.

Gopalan S Kumar has accumulated vast experience in the rehabilitation of patients with Head Injuries and Stroke (hemiplegia), treating more than 1000 Stroke patients in his clinical practice in a variety of countries including India, Dubai and Ireland He has 29 years of experience in the field of Rehabilitation Medicine, working mostly with conditions related to Brain and Spinal disorders.

Gopalan S Kumar was the Principal and Head of Department of Neuro Rehabilitation in Susrutha Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences, under the Dr. N.T.R University from 1st June 2001 until 2nd October 2006; undertaking a pivotal role in teaching students at both Bachelors and Master Level. During this period Gopalan S Kumar was appointed as Dean of the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine and a Board of Study member of N.T.R university. Gopalan S Kumar also served as a Board of Study member in health universities in Southern India, monitoring and structuring change to the curriculum of both bachelors and masters physiotherapy degree courses.

Gopalan S Kumar has his own patented technique known as Fast Oscillating Technique to reduce spasticity in upper limb for patients suffering from disabilities such as cerebral palsy, stroke, Multiple sclerosis, and Head Injuries. Gopalan S Kumar is conducting his own research in Spinal Stimulation techniques to improve the Flow of Cerebro Spinal Fluid for the Brain tissue and improve the Gama Cell Activities resulting in improvement in Brain activities for children with Autism. Gopalan S Kumar believes that improving the Gama Cell activity can produce positive changes in children with behavioural and other neurological disorders.

Gopalan S Kumar has helped to establish physiotherapy colleges and clinics in India; he is managing his own clinic especially for rehabilitating stroke patients in Hyderabad where he is able to perform a web based consultation. Gopalan S Kumar takes a particular interest in developing rural rehabilitation; he is helping his brother in his rural rehabilitation centre in India (in the village of Thennur, within Trichy district, Southern India (, where his team of Physiotherapists and Doctors treat people with severe disabilities with the help of Gopalan S Kumar advice.

Gopalan S Kumar is well known for his excellent clinical practice. He serves patients suffering with long term disabilities. Gopalan S Kumar practice is characterised by his dedication to service and his humble and kind nature.

Gopalan S Kumar is passionate about his profession and his basic calling is to serve people who need him at whatever level of services he can provide. Gopalan S Kumar also specialises in Rare Disease disorders and undiagnosed Paediatric Neurological disorders. He represents himself actively with Rare Disease UK, to help children and parents in Ireland in respect to educating the parents and treating the children with these disorders.