Treatments Offered

Craniaa is one of the only centres in Ireland to use “Spider Cage Therapy”, also known as “Universal Exercise Unit” (UEU), for children with Genetic Neurological conditions and for treating other Neurological conditions.

This unique UEU system is ued for training, posture, balance, agit, specific muscle groups for maximum strengtheneing, stretching, Core Strength and bungie supported standing, walking and jumping.

Other Treatments Include

Interferiental Therapy, Functional Electorial Stimulation (FES Odstock), TENS, US Therapy, Spinal Stimulation Techniques, Fast Oscillating Techniques, PNF, Spinal Mobilisation, Deep Tissue Massage

In our Belfast clinic we offer specialist therapy for Sports massage injuries including Myofascial Trigger Point  Release, Neuro-Mobilisation and Sports Specific exercise management.