Stroke is the largest cause of complex disability in the UK, and approximately one-third of stroke survivors are left with disability and rehabilitation needs.

Physiotherapists help individuals to reach their full physical potential and functional ability and to reintegrate into society (CSP)

At Craniaa we are here to help from the very beginning. The sooner a patient receives expert physiotherapy the more likely they are to regain mobility and movement in the affected limbs. According to research ‘task specific, exercise therapy may improve balance capacity late after stroke onset. Specific exercise therapy may improve balance capacity late after stroke onset. Good balance is critical for walking and undertaking activities independently and safely (Dr Jacqui Morris).

In our experience function and mobility can be improved long after stroke onset with the type of specialist physiotherapy available at Craniaa.

We offer structured and supported Strength Training, Mobility Training and Brain Training to help every individual push the limits of their potential to live an active life.

The equipment and technology available at Crania includes:

The Universal Exercise Unit also known as cage therapy.
Electrical muscle stimulation and Moto med (motor driven exercise machine).

We also treat pain issues using Interferential (IFT), Ultra Sound, Mobilisations and Heat therapy.

Craniaa can offer facilities for clients to practice supported standing, walking and treadmill walking in a safe therapy based environment.

Our patients also benefit from hand and arm functional therapy, balance training and facial therapy exercises and treatments. Craniaa’s Physiotherapy treatments and rehabilitation programmes are helping clients achieve functional independence every day.