Spinal Injuries

Spinal Injuries


Craniaa Clinic provides an excellent physiotherapy and rehabilitation service for patients with spinal injuries. Loss of muscle function, loss of sensation and loss of autonomic function in parts of the body characterise spinal injuries. Many patients will be wheelchair users and will find keeping fit and exercising very challenging.

Our therapists will assess each new patient and find out what they can move, how strong their muscles are, what they can feel and check for any stiffness in joints.

At Craniaa we work on strengthening muscles, improving functional mobility and helping patients achieve personal goals. We use the principles of Brain Training alongside active/assisted manual therapy to encourage neurological improvement. We also use the latest technology to help develop patient’s movement skills, fitness and wellbeing.

Technological Equipment Available at Craniaa;

  1. Functional electrical muscle stimulation. By using electrical impulses muscles are exercised and patients can perform movements that provide a more beneficial workout.
  2. Motomed assistive technology bike and arm exercise machines.
  3. Dropped Foot Stimulators
  4. Hoisted standing and treadmill devices.
  5. Universal exercise Unit (spider cage therapy). Weak limbs can be supported in multiple positions and assisted, active assisted and resistance exercises preformed.