About Placenta Previa

Placenta Previa:

A condition of pregnancy in which the placenta is implanted abnormally in the uterus so that it impinges on or covers the internal os (opening) of the uterine cervix.

Placenta previa occurs when the placenta – the spongy mass of blood vessels and tissue that forms within the uterus which supplies the baby with nutrition via the umbilical cord – forms unusually low in the uterus and covers part or the entire cervix.

What will be outcome after birth to the child: For the baby, the gravest danger after birth is respiratory distress syndrome due to premature delivery. With modern neonatal intensive care facilities and topflight medical care, babies born with respiratory distress do better now than ever before, but some babies do still die. Placenta previa can also cause the baby to be small for gestational age. This is called intrauterine growth retardation. Where the normal baby growth are not happening and the child can suffer from following disorders: Hypotonia of the muscles, does not turn around, does not crawl, lack of stepping reflex, sucking reflex, speech may more not affected dependents upon the brain injuries.

Treatment Benefit: Dependents upon the child will improve in one to two years of intensive physiotherapy, most of the child with minimal brain injuries will recover fully to normal child growth and development.

Example of Goshis experience with Look age 8months when started to take rehabilitation:Looks mother brought look as a baby with following problem like he is not using his hands to grasp toys, bottle of milk or use his hands to touch mother or father face or body, also not turning around when he is in the bed, floor, lifting his head up to see any articles and not crawling.
Look was treated by Goshi with strength training, sensory integration, spinal stimulation, encouraged standing balance using bungee ropes, vestibular therapy, roots approach.

Outcome: In 5th session that is after seven hours of treatment Look started to turn, look upward, started to grasp and pull everything this made his parents happy but also gave a lot of work for his mother to keep back things. Look showed further improvement like voluntary sitting, standing, and Look started to walk without support at the age of 2 where his mother was told he may not be as normal as his elder sister, which was very disappointing for the parent then. This was made success by Goshi. Now Look can walk, speak, play well.

Look can now work with his toys, he can use his hands very well for putting blocks, alphabets etc. Look parents were delighted of the intensive therapy what Goshi adopted and they were thankful for all improvement happened to Gentle Man Look.