About Stroke


Goshi has treated more than 1000 stroke patients in his experience for the past 20 years. He dedicated his services for stroke patients. Yes Goshi can “MAKE CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE”

During your initial assessment Goshi will discuss your short and long term rehabilitation goals. These goals will then be at the centre of your rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy will assist you in regaining as much movement and function as possible. Treatment often focuses on reducing tone, Spasm, Vestibular therapy, sitting balance, standing balance, walking, using your affected arm / hand (Constrained Induced Therapy) and managing any changes in muscle tone, pain or stiffness ( Shoulder, Spine etc). Most of the stroke patient suffers from Low Back Ache, which is really neglected by “Principal Therapist”

Goshi Journey with Tara: Duration 9years.
Tara was affected with Cerbero Vascular Anomaly 9 years ago and was treated by NHS Physiotherapist and said she won’t walk any more or even stand and her state of life will be confined to wheel chair.

Tara approached Dr. Goshi last November for therapy; Goshi agreed to treat her and gave hope and assurance that her major problems like sever back pain, shoulder pain, difficulty in standing and walking.

After a detail assessment Goshi first option is to reduce her hypertonisity in upper and lower limbs, reduce her pain in her shoulder and back, further Goshi looking in to Tara’s shorten left leg due to fracture which occurred after she got fracture which further reduced Tara’s mobility with 2.5cm of shortening.

Goshi approached Tara’s GP to help her to get foot length correction by getting her a compensatory shoe to the affected side.

Tara was treated for 6months, she slowly improved with Goshis evidence base therapy along with goshi’s patented technique called fast oscillating technique to reduce spasticity and strength training, vestibular therapy, balance training.

Tara started to stand with minimal support after 3months of treatment Tara started to stand with help of minimal support. By fifth month Tara started to take few steps with the help of the tricycle, even her hand grip improved from grade 1 to 3- where she is able to extend the fingers and close which was very difficult due to spasticity at the time of admission.

Tara responded for Goshi’s therapy. Tara still receives therapy monthly once from Goshi for a back pain, hpertonisity and gait training.