Dear Sir / Madam
I wish to nominate Goshi as our son’s physiotherapist for the CSP.UK award.

Speaking as a parent and as the co-ordinator of Welcome Trust Disabled care group. Goshie has been professional using his training and skills to meet his client’s complex needs.

I am thankful to the Upper Springfield Full Service Community for their forethought in bringing this therapist into Belfast. The treatment has been life changing for our son and the family. We believe having access to this type of physiotherapy is truly a great step to providing physical and personal development for people with severe learning disability. I have observed many physiotherapists over many years and I have never met a more dedicated and professional physiotherapist, focusing totally on the clients needs.

I have received positive feed back from all the clients’ parents and seen the improvements when working with individual clients.

A breakdown of the improvements we have observed from regular treatment of our son.
On general observation Alan is always on the outskirts of a setting, unable to communicate and he can not fit in socially. Alan is hypersensitive to touch noise and needs routine. When Alan first attended he could not cooperate and was constantly moving around the room confused, and it’s fair to say a little upset which is very normal for him in a new environment. Alan has been attending regular sessions at a local centre to see therapists Goshi and we have been delighted with the results to date: Alan can for the first time in over twenty years:
• Participate in a full therapy session
• Tolerate and cooperate in full body exercise
• lay down on a therapy bed
• Work independently with therapist.

Physically Our son would always stand and walk bent forward from the waist and rock a lot. After several treatments Alan’s posture is tall and straight and the rocking has practically disappeared. His fine motor skills and hand posture are better, improving his hands as before they sat tight and palsied with poor circulation causing a purple colour.

His music therapist and the day care staff have recorded the massive change while at his day center as we have at home. Alan has always had a large grip movement now he can use individual fingers and use detailed movements.

Intellectually Alan has more body and spatial awareness he is taking more in and is able to take part in daily life more and cope with change.

Emotionally Alan is less stressed an agitated we have little to no outbursts as we would have had and this has such a positive effect on the whole family.

Socially Alan is making more eye contact and is able to interact on a new level.

Alan’s improvements have made a big difference to everyday things you and I take for granted for example he is now able to sit in a dentist chair and although he is not yet cooperating with a detailed check he has never got this far before. Always needing to be anesthetised to have treatment/checks. He is taking part in group activities and is now able to relax more, the benefits have been amazing. This is a most valuable therapy for our children aiding an essential part of their development. I feel it is important to highlight this physiotherapist work and to award him the recognisation he deserves. I wish him every success in the future.