Baby Kelly

Baby kelly 5 Years:

Baby kelly is 5 years old and up to December last year (2009) Baby kelly had made slow developmental progress. She seemed on the verge of crawling for many months. She was receiving some physio at school and additional exercises at after school. When the school physio staff were pushed on the level of treatment Baby kelly was receiving i was told she was frequently “tired and aggressive” and they would not peruse treatment when she was like this.

Goshi began treating Baby kelly in early February this year, within a very short time she had started to move around in a crawling hopping movement. I can not emphasise how important this step was for Baby kelly. She was no longer trapped in one location when on the floor at home or elsewhere and now had complete freedom to move around and explore her world. This had a huge impact on Baby kelly’s general wellbeing and she was much calmer and easier to care for. (once the kitchen cupboards had catches fitted! )

Baby kelly has had 4 full months of treatment from Goshi and in the past 5 years of her life everyone talked about how it would be a miracle if she ever walked, now however it is discussed in terms of how soon exactly and how many more months it is likely to take. Baby kelly’s progress and development throughout the 4 months has been excellent and the comments and feed back from everyone who is involved in her life including the staff at her school have been extremely positive and almost shock at how far and how fast she has improved.

Goshi has an intensive therapy program that he has implemented with Baby kelly and during the 1.5 hour sessions there is total focus on getting Baby kelly to walk and moving her development forward in all areas. Baby kelly is far from an easy patient and is very vocal and physical during the sessions, Goshi handles all this with great tolerance and understanding and pushes onward while entertaining Baby kelly. The only place i have seen this style of treatment before was in the “Pathways Centre” in Illinois in the USA. An extremely well known treatment centre for special needs children, sadly however also extremely expensive and far away.

Goshi has helped us to look forward to the next few years with Baby kelly with great excitement and anticipation. His positive outlook and “can do” attitude is infectious and i can not thank him enough for his good work.