Jodi 14 years (Autism)
My daughter 14 years old girl diagnosed for autism. She has been attending physiotherapy with Goshi for the past one year. We have seen improvement in lots of areas such as her speech, communication skills, posture and balance and over all structure of her body alignment.

Goshi is very easy going person and makes us feel very welcome. With Jodi you cant forge her to talk to anyone, she would rather just ignore them but with Goshi, she tells jokes has fun while doing her activities.

Jodi looks forward to going to physiotherapy and does ask us when is she going. I would recommend Goshi for physio of the year firstly because he works really hard to help Jodi reach her full potential.

He has a gread friendly nature which really helps put Jodi at ease.

He goes out of his way to fit us in his schedule when it suits us.

I would recommend Goshi to anyone not just special needs because hw always aim high to get them the best they can be.