Testimonial from Maria Mc cartar: Michelle 6 Years
My daughter Michelle is 6years with Rett’s Syndrome. Michelle has no verbal skills, balance and co-ordination, she also suffer from scoliosis and breathing difficulties with hyperventilation.

Presently Michelle is walking but she may lose the ability to walk therefore it is necessary for Michelle to have physiotherapy regularly

Michelle attends Gopalan Sivakumaar known to Michelle as Goshi; Goshi’s therapy is concerned with identifying and managing the quality of life and movement of Michelle including the physical, psychological and emotional well being. Goshi’s therapy has helped Michelle to maintain her balance, eye contact, concentration, social and emotional behaviour.

Michelle used to hyperventilate regularly causing dizziness; it is now controlled due to specialised Neuro-respiratory techniques treatment given by Goshi.

As a parent of Michelle we are very pleased with her progress due to (Goshi’s) Gopalan Sivakumaar, professionalism and excellent care and dedication to patients specific need of and working closely with family members