Craniaa Neuro-Rehab Center

Craniaa Neuro Rehabilitation Centre for children and adults is the one and only centre in the whole of Northern and Southern Ireland providing intensive specialized treatment for patients with Brain and Spinal Cord disorders. We are a Specialist Centre providing Rehabilitation with Physiotherapy for a wide variety of Common, Chronic and Complex Conditions either newly diagnosed or disabilities patients have been managing for many years.

Our Mission statement is “Believe in yourself everything is possible”. With appropriate therapy there is always improvement in health and function. Your Brains potential for relearning is enormous, it is a never-ending process and the possibility for improvement is not limited. At Craniaa we work with our patients setting physical and personal goals to enable each individual to reach their highest potential, physically, functionally and mentally. We treat patients for 1/2hr, 1hr, 1 1/2hr to 3hrs sessions, as many times a week and for as long as our patients need us.  Individuals affected by Neurological, Orthopaedic, and Paediatric disorders, Spinal cord injuries, Sports injuries and Neck and Back Pain are individually assessed and specific treatment goals are set for each and every patient. Treatments such as interferential, ultrasound, strengthening, FES, trans cranial stimulation, muscle stimulation, gait training and advanced mobilisation techniques are provided for  chronic neck and back pain.

We concentrate on overcoming  limitations by using brain training combined with gait training activities, strength training, and resistance exercises and mobility exercises in our Universal Exercise Units UEU also known as spider cage therapy. Our team has a proud history of training and enabling clients to do things that they could not do e.g. standing, walking, using hands to do functional tasks, reaching up and turning around. 

At Craniaa we push our clients to the limits of their ability and think outside the box. We promote a medication free environment and focus on treating the individual based on their goals and not what has been diagnosed as their limitations.

Every client’s program is completely customized based on their condition, disorders and ambitions; we always look at the abilities of the child or adult to actively work towards ultimate goals.